Nude Screensavers from around the world Nude Screensavers from around the world

   Welcome to Global Glamour Screen Savers. Here are 16 gorgeous, Screen Savers of beautiful women in beautiful places around the world for you to instantly download and easily install. From tropical rain forests to sun baked arid plains, John Bunnell brings to you his international glamour photography, as the collectible Global Glamour Screen Saver Series. Collect all 16 Screen Savers, and you will have 320 original, beautiful glamour images, that cannot be seen anywhere else on the Web.

Nude Screensavers from around the world
   This web site is able to detect your monitor's screen resolution This means your Screen Saver selections will always download the custom version as detected, to correctly play at your current screen resolution (1024x768, 800x600 or 640x480).
Your Screen Savers will always fit perfectly and display properly at your prefered screen resolution, without the distortion from image shrinking or stretching.

Wow THE RESOLUTION SOLUTION What a great automatic feature

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